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#1 2007-12-26 23:49:06

From: London
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Anyone adopted hd yet?

With all of the goings on of hd dvd vs blu ray and all that, has anyone here bought a hd-dvd player or such, i know probably none have as dvd's in my opinion are still generally acceptable in quality, i for one would only be intrested in say blu ray when 24 is released, that is something i would kill to have in its original glory.

So anyone gone the way of hd?

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#2 2007-12-27 17:02:09

From: London
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Re: Anyone adopted hd yet?

The closest i've come to hd is that the resolution on my laptop is above that of standard DVD image, almost hd. But at the moment the only source of hd video I have to really enjoy it is high def movie trailers from apple.com/trailers - some of which can look pretty special. But apart from that, nope.

My first proper set up onto HD is probably when the bigger channels like bbc and 4 make there HD channels available on freeview. Would probably buy a high def TV then.

Won't buy a HDDVD or Blu-ray player until the industry has declared a winner.

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#3 2008-02-15 12:21:26

Past Present Fortune
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Re: Anyone adopted hd yet?

I own a Sony PlayStation 3 and do own a couple of movies on Blu Ray that can be played on the console (X-Men: The Last Stand and Casino Royale), so technically I have already taken the plunge.

In my opinion Blu Ray is definitely going to win in the long term against HD-DVD simply because of the fact that the Sony PlayStation 3 can play the format staright out of the box whereas the Microsoft Xbox 360 needs an attachment to be able to play HD-DVD.


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