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Hello, Newbie, and welcome to our board!

Please take a minute to read these simple rules.

1) NO Spoilers.

Everything relating to future episodes of 24, including characters and events is to be posted in the appropriate sections only. Please double-check which forum you're in before making your post.

2) General etiquette.

Be respectful to other members and expect the same from them. That includes decent general language and not launching personal attacks on other members.

No adult content!

This website is intended for users of all ages. Users posting adult, offensive or explicit material will be indefinitely banned from the forum.

3) Rules are subject to change.

We maintain the right to add to or to alter these rules. Any changes to the rules will be made clear in an announcement on the forums. It is your responsibility to make sure you're familiar with any new rules and to adhere to them, since not reading the rules is no excuse for breaking them.

And then there's one request: Please try to use an avatar sized 100x100 pixels so that we can have a somewhat uniform layout. If you use a signature picture, it should be no larger than 530x150 pixels.

Thanks and enjoy the board :-)

The admins and mods

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