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#1 2008-08-16 08:56:44

From: CTU Zurich
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Everyone: Please read

Dear members,

recently, our forum has had problems with uninvited and untolerated adult content being posted. The moderating team has had their hands full deleting the offending posts and banning the respective posters, sometimes even in true 24 fashion - in real time!

Two changes have come from these circumstances:

one: new members now have to fill out a captcha (a random string of numbers and letters) during the registration process, in order to confirm that whoever is trying to register is an actual person as opposed to an inanimate script.

two: the forum rules have been adapted to explicitely forbid any posting of adult and offensive content. You can read the forum rules here:


However, even with these changes in place, we cannot to 100% guarantee that no living and breathing person will register and then post offensive material. We're on top of the situation and, should we find such posts, we'll take action. But if you notice something that might have slipped our attention, please report the post (there is a "report" button in the lower right corner under each post).

We hope that these measures will solve our problems. If the problems continue, however, we may have to take more drastic, though hopefully temporary, action.

Thank you for your attention and your help.

The moderating team.


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