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#1 2007-04-09 21:10:17

From: London
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Welcome to the New 24fans Forum!!!

Welcome all,

This is the new forum of "24fans.com". We have left the old one, hosted outside of 24fans for many reasons, too numerous to go into. So let's simply say we hope we can keep talking about 24 and many things besides for a good while to come.

To new members/visitors who didn't visit the old forum, have a look around join in and have fun.

Daniel & The Moderating Team

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#2 2008-01-27 21:03:57

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Re: Welcome to the New 24fans Forum!!!

I can hardly wait to see season 7 when will it air on Fox? I know the writers strike has interrupted it, but I think they should at least run what they have in the cans, the other stations did.


#3 2008-01-27 21:29:24

From: CTU Zurich
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Re: Welcome to the New 24fans Forum!!!

hey, there. I think we all share the feeling of 'I can't wait'.
unfortunately, your opinion doesn't seem to be shared by many, and especially not by FOX. 24 has only about 8 episodes "in the can" so far, and an air date for season 7 has not been set yet. it is quite possible - though we hope it won't be true - that it won't happen until january 2009... with 24, you can't really just air a few eps and then stop, it's not like CSI that keeps spinning the same thing over and over again wink (hey, I do or did like CSI, but it's just a different storytelling thing).. so anyway, we're all left wondering and our questions won't be answered until the strike ends and the executives know what time they've got left of the TV season

p.s. this was the wrong section of the forum to start this discussion. please refer to the rules of the board... http://www.24fans.com/forums/misc.php?action=rules



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