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Im from England and an avid 24 fan. I am spreading the word of a UK podcast which is dedicated to 24. It is aires on Itunes every Sunday at 10pm after the latest epsiode has finished on SKY ONE. There are no spoilers!!!! It's an interesting and in depth look at the episode just aired with predictions and quirky extras like Jacks "Damn it" count. It's funny but picks up on everything 24 without be over complicated or too serious.

Check it out, im sure you will be impressed. The UK is a couple of episodes behind our fellow fans in the US but nonetheless it's certainly worth a listen. It has its own email address
where you can voice your ideas of things to add to this show or mention something you think was missed.

Go on download them now. Once you are on Itunes go to the Itunes Store and just search under "24 UK" then download the latest episode. It's free to subscribe to the podcast and free to download so there is no reason not to get listening.

Its called the 24 UK PODCAST and recently has been given a new intro by Guy HARRIS the voiceover guy!!!

THANKS to 24fans.com for posting this but we are all in the 24 family and the 24 UK PODCAST is growing more and more popular and will certainly praise you and give the recognition you deserve.

Enjoy the rest of Day Six of 24!!!!

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