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#1 2009-02-19 23:02:48

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Carlos Bernard's new project

Ok... so I'm really annoyed that this website and the forum don't open links in new windows! I have just written a long post about what I was going to say, clicked the link to check if it worked - it did - and then I closed the window, like I usually do! So, DAMMIT! Which means you're left with a shortened version of this post.

Carlos Bernard has been working on a new project revolving around a returning Iraq war veteran who after awakening from a 2 year coma gets "recruited" by an organisation holding his family hostage, forcing him to kill people for them. I really dig the video and hope you will, too. If you do - please support it and spread the word, cause so far it's a mobile comic, but if it becomes popular, there's a chance it will result in a series starring Carlos as Eddie Luck, the protagonist.


Thanks to Kasia of AIG for posting this. Thanks to the good reputation of the site, she got contacted directly by the person in charge of the project and asked to share it with  as many Carlos fans as possible big_smile.

A few days back, Carlos said about this:

"It's sort of a dark comic-book genre [project]," Bernard said. "I voice the main character in it. It's about a guy who's been in [the] Iraq war as a Special Ops assassin, and he comes back to the U.S. after being in a coma. As he's trying to piece his life together with his wife and kid, he starts being manipulated and used as an assassin while he's working as a night paramedic. We're thinking of taking it to a network Web site and then possibly turning it into a live-action show after that," Bernard said.


"Yeah, I didn't wanna believe Tony Almeida was a terrorist either, but at some point we just have to deal with the facts. Not with what we want to believe is true."

You need to start living in the real world! Because every second you help the government you're spittin' on Teri's grave!


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