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#1 2008-05-20 16:07:37

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Little investigations!

Hi guys!

in this period it seems that there is not much to do! therefore have thought I would propose a little play..

Someone will have seen the eighth episode of csi, that one in which Hodges proposes virtual cases to the members of the scientific, well I think it was brilliant! furthermore I read in one of your tread that you wanted to realize a virtual case of 24 ....well...let's put the two things together! I know that there are not many assiduous users ...but..let's try!

First: let's fix some rules

1.Only one investigation will be faced at the time, who will propose the case will have to follow it up to his conclusion 

2.In order to avoid that anyone proposes a case and then goes away forever will be only accepted cases proposed by users with at least 20 post that therefore have frequented the forum for a little time 

3.All the users, also the chance ones, will be able to ask questions on the case or to try to provide a solution ...every answer is a clue also for the other after all

4.Individual searches of every type will be admitted ( f.e.: internet, books)

5.Everyone who proposes a case have to check the forum at least once a day in order to answer all the question

6. Make questions is very important! In fact only in this way one will be able be to chief of the case ! Who proposes the case will have to present only a very general situation... the rest will have to be inferred or asked by the "agents"(f.e: What do I see in the room? or do I find some fingerprints on the such object? )

7. Answers have to be honest! everyone will not have to omit particulars with the only purpose to create problems to the agents... However if the questions are not precise the answers could be inaccurate (f.e: if someone asks what stuffs he sees in the room the answer could be a description of the room ...And it would be possible to omit the fact that the scene could change very much
using the luminol)

8. cases can't be modified! Who proposes the case have to develop and fix the path, the culprit, the evidences, everything before starting the game. Change the story depending on the "agents"' answers wouldn't be allowed!

9. cases can be crimes like csi's ones ( theft, homicides) or investigations like 24's ones ( terrorism)

10. Agents have got a virtual laboratory which will provide to analysis of substances, check correspondences with fingerprints, everything they will need! however answers could be technical sometimes...( substances analysis will provide the components of the substance, what it is and where is it used is up to you!)

Ok! I think that is all for now!.... maybe I will add some other rules in the future ....but for now ...let's see if things works!

tomorrow I will post the first case! If anyone wants to post one before mine is welcome! otherwise...

the challenge is open!


#2 2008-05-21 14:42:47

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Re: Little investigations!

Case 1

It is a boring day in the police station, all coffees and papers untill someone calls for your help.

you run immediatly to the crime scene, a little home in a peaceful district, and a chubby police officer explains you the situation: the woman has been found by an old friend, she said that she tryed for a couple of days to meet the victim, but she couldn't find her anywhere....she went to her house in order to control the situation, and looking through the window she saw the body.

inside the house a body lies on the floor, could seems that the woman is only sleeping...but for the bullet hole in the chest.

the room is tide and clean, the interior seems expensive...there is a big davenport skinny apparelled with big cushions, a carpet, some picture on the wall, a bookcase and the television which is still playing on mtv; the agents lowered the level... it was not too noisy....but it was annoying them!

near the davenport there is a small table with a bottle of wine and a glass . on the other side of the room there is a big stereo, a telephone and a door leading to the garden.

find out what happened and how did it happen is up to you .....what are you going to do?

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#3 2008-09-19 23:33:13

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Re: Little investigations!

I think that whoever it was that killed the woman had risen the volume on the television to cover some of the sound from the gun.
I know that bottle of wine has something to do with the crime scene but I cant quite think of what.
I think they should take the bottle and the glass and run a DNA test.
Just in case any other persons DNA is on it so they can have another suspect.
And they should thoroughly question the friend who found her.
Hope I am doing this right.
I actually think this is a cool idea,I dont know why no one has posted to try and figure it out.

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