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#1 2007-10-23 18:35:36

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Having just finished watching the first two episodes of season six and eagerly awaiting episode three this evening, it strikes me that Spooks are trying to emulated 24, minus the real-time format. This for me is a great thing as the problem with the earlier series of Spooks was that they were all a bit tame for my liking. But this season seems to picking up where the last season left off in terms of threat and scope.

Anyone else watching this or have any thoughts?

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#2 2007-10-23 20:20:44

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Re: Spooks

Ahh, spooks, well, I watched and really liked the first two series of spooks. It really felt quite unique, a british take on the same issues that 24 deals with, but perhaps a bit calmer, more logical, only getting worked up when it's truly called for.

Then in mid series 3, I just lost interest, like a switch turning off, they started repeating themselves, killing off the original characters, then filling the gaps left with what I like to call "photocopy casting", he/she looks kinda like the charcter their replacing, same key characteristics, but something important is lost in the copy, so you don't care about them as much, it's hard to see them as unique.

It seems so predictable and uneven, and just feels like hard work to get through an episode. Every new series I really try to get back into it, because I really want this to be good, and every year I stop a little earlier than I did the year before. Series 4 - Saw first two parter, Series 5 - saw first episode of first two parter, Series 6 - saw first twenty minutes before giving up.

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