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#1 2007-08-02 11:32:47

From: The school of hard knocks
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More than meets the eye

Who's seen Transformers movie?
Saw it the other day and WOW its fantastic, one of the best films ive seen in the cinema.
Some of the effects when the transformers change from a car to a robot whilst moving, and visa versa, is AMAZING.
Not much of a storyline but enough that it doesnt bog it down but also doesnt go on.
And some really well put in jokes.
Excellent excellent film, defo gonna see it again in the cinema cool

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#2 2007-10-02 15:03:54

Almeida Is God
From: Dumfries, Scotland
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Re: More than meets the eye

Too right Transformers was awesom, Optimus Prime is back and he is bad ass!! megan fox was looking smoking hot and i think it left everyone that seen it in love with one of the autobots.

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#3 2007-10-03 08:54:29

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Re: More than meets the eye

I really enjoyed it, although, I found the first hour highly irritating. When the robots arrived things got far better and I think providing you didn't try and concentrate on the plot- or plot holes - and just let the spectacle wash over you it was awesome.

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