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#1 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » 24 T Shirts » 2007-09-12 18:35:48

personally i prefare the green one because i could wear it with my DPM's smile

#2 Re: Fun, Games and Art » xtreme desktops » 2007-09-12 18:32:48

where do you get the CTU background from?

#3 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » McFarlane 24 Figures » 2007-09-12 18:29:24



#4 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Doctor Who - Third Series » 2007-09-04 19:09:47

i saw David Tennent on Friday noght at the blackpool illuminations switch on

#5 Re: The Archives of 24 » Season two: episodes 7-12 » 2007-08-30 18:06:13

jack_addict wrote:

thought 1) palmer crying. as far as i remember the only time he cried. when he gave nina the ok to kill jack at 4:55 pm. great scene btw jack and palmer there, and palmer and nina.

thought 2) jack and nina:
you know what nina, you're right, no i don't wanna just sit here and wait to die
if you kill me before they verify the information you gave them you'll be in violation of your pardon. they'll just slap your ass back in jail
and you'll be dead
i'm already dead

I know you guys have finished this rewatch but i have just got up to this bit-i lost my first video! When i first saw the screnes there i just had to rewind and rewatch i thought it is an amazing scene for Palmer were we get to see some REAL emotion and great acting (i do like that actor) and the way you just know hes about to break down into tears made ME want to cry....but then its on with business and the press!

As for the conversation between Nina and Jack....brilliant script writing...i just did not expect him to do that (despite seeing his helper)

these are the sorts of scenes that put 24 in a league of its own and just make 24 the best bit of television ever!

#6 Re: The Archives of 24 » Season Three: anyone care to jump in? » 2007-08-30 17:32:23

ahhhkiefer wrote:

1-Gael is dying.  In Pain.  In Agony.  IN A HOTEL.  And they can't give him a room to friggin' lie down in?  NO, he's got to die in the basement with a year's supply of Poland Spring.  Michelle, don't be giving this "he died a hero" crap to poor Mrs Ortega...if you think he's such a hero, give him a pillow, not a gun for pete's sake!!

in the episodes the hotel is full (ie. No spare rooms).....so maybe Michelle wanted to keep him out of site of guests were they would not see what their actual fate was and cause mass panic or scare them! As for the gun she didn't want to see him suffer anymore (put yourself in michelles position....if all the rooms were full would you want to kick someone out of a room?  and add the potential for rumours AND/OR cause panic if anyone saw Gael?) But yes it is sad!

#7 Re: Fun, Games and Art » xtreme desktops » 2007-08-27 19:51:12

the one that changes every hour to what happens that hour in 24 and beeps at the end of the hour and says the following takes place between....and.....

#9 Re: Off Topic » G.C.S.E's & College » 2007-08-27 19:47:36

its alright for some! I dare say i have never been so nervous in my life! Except opening my GCSE's with all my friends and family watching on....my knees sooo nearly gave way!

#10 Fun, Games and Art » xtreme desktops » 2007-08-26 19:55:26

Replies: 7

anyone got the 24 one on their computer? which season?

#11 Re: The Archives of 24 » What is up with Nina Meyers? » 2007-08-26 19:48:25

in s3 you have to admit for a moment it really did look like she liked him and i think there was a time when she did! But she was after one thing ££££

#12 Re: Fun, Games and Art » carlos and his brother » 2007-08-26 19:42:55

wow....so thats what Carlos will look like when hes older? and yes that is a very sweet quote

#13 Off Topic » G.C.S.E's & College » 2007-08-26 19:39:10

Replies: 4

I have not been on because of celebrating FINALLY getting my results (a month after my last exam and 2 after my first exam) and been in full time employment....I start college a week on Tuesday and am very scared..... yes i didnt do as well as i had hoped in some subjects (note to self: dont rewatch 24 during exams) but overall i did extremly well....equalling or bettering my predicted grades.....
But i have chosen a different college to all my mates and am EXTREMLY scared about starting a new school with no friends again! I cant be the only person on here who has got exam results this summer OR who is starting somewhere new this september....can i?

So what exams did you all sit? What changes are about to happen?

#14 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Summer Blockbusters » 2007-08-26 19:35:02

showing my age and that im a teenage lass here.....the 3 films i am most looking forward to this summer (only seen one so far)

-Knocked Up (need 2 find a kind gentleman to take me...would like to go before  i start college)
-The sequel style thing to Bruce Almighty abotu the #Noahs Ark guy....forgotten the name but am going to see it on Tuesday and it looks brill!

#15 Re: New in Town » Introduce Yourself » 2007-08-06 15:29:32

It seems we have not replaced Nuge and so do not have any strikers. I saw them on Saturday for a local derby against Rovers and we were a shambles. We lost 3-0 from 3 set pieces but Mawene was back and on form big_smile And Hill was in the croud (across the stairs from me...i was like WOW) im not thinking we will get promoted-slightly depressing sad

#16 Re: Fun, Games and Art » Carlos Bernard Laughables :D » 2007-07-30 15:22:53

All the links have been taken down from youtube sad

#17 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Simpsons - the movie » 2007-07-29 15:08:54

I went with my brother and my freind Phil so there were two 16 years old and a 9 year old and we all laughed all the way through...

#18 Re: The Archives of 24 » What is the most unforgiveable thing Jack does in seasons 1-4? » 2007-07-26 17:24:42

isnt that what we love about him?

Having rewatched the episode....the dog was violent and viscous and if it did die then it deserved what it got

#19 Re: Off Topic » Deathly Hallows » 2007-07-26 15:10:43

I got the bus to get the book on Saturday morning (before work) and then read it in my break. I found the book TEDIOUS...i mean the camping bit REALLY bored me but i am now like 40 pages from the end and dying to crack on with reading it....talking about people spoiling it...i fell asleep with my tv on the bbc on saturday night and woke up at 3am to see some childrens presenter announcing who dies in the book and all the sad bits!!!!! mad I was fuming so turned it off but ugh...RUINED the book....that and a bar man stealing my book and reading the last few lines from the bookto the whole kitchen sad im in trouble now for leaving it lying around :s anyway now the action has picked up its getting more excited....not quite northern lights tho

#20 Re: No Rules - Enter at your own risk! » Would You continue to watch 24 if.... » 2007-07-26 15:02:35

Im sure i read a comment somwhere that the viewers are becoming more naive and we are starting to think 'Jack won't die'. I would be heartbrken if he did. I think as Jack has matured so has keifers acting and i dare say i would miss him. but Jack_addict is right...its not all about Jack there are people devoted to other characters (i think Kim Rocks and in S3 she is one of my fave characters)

(sorry i have not been able to get on i have been full time at work and doing REALLY strange shifts)

#21 Re: The Archives of 24 » Favourite Quotes From Seasons 1-4 » 2007-07-26 14:56:51

jack_addict wrote:

"Mr. President. It's been an honor."

Best quote ever? *fight back tears*

or even

"Jack, I want You to Understand....when you hang up this phone for all intensive purposes Jack Bauer is dead"

I LOVE that scene


Tony (to Nina in the interegation room): We found some medical records of your freind Alvers....MMR Jab, Knee Injurie, Treated for Aids
Techie guy (in the back with mischelle):Someones feeling nervous...shes had unprotected sex with him
Mischelle (in the back to an earpiece): Tony, shes reacted to the aids
Tony (to Nina): My collegues tell me something in that list woried you....im guessing it wern't the knee
(more Tony wit-s3)

#22 Re: The Archives of 24 » Which 24 season did you first see? » 2007-07-26 14:46:21

For me Season 1 Episode 1....I had heard my parents rave about it and they had watched 1, 2 &3 when they were aired. I then was shopping in Musiczone (of all places) and found S1 and S2 on VHS in a bargin bin!!!! And thought hey they sound good from what my parents have said so went home armed with the 2 box sets (*which set me back £9 in total) and well....i am hooked....can't wait for my DVD player to be fixed

#23 Re: The Archives of 24 » What is the most unforgiveable thing Jack does in seasons 1-4? » 2007-07-26 14:42:40

How do you know this? Have you ever shot a dog in the paw? It may have gone into shock

#24 Re: The Archives of 24 » Who's this guy? » 2007-07-26 14:40:17

maybe he just wanted a little fame

#25 Re: New in Town » Introduce Yourself » 2007-07-26 14:38:08

deadmanmoz wrote:

Welcome Welcome Emma and what an intro you did give.
Enjoy your time here.
And fair play to you being a PNE fan, good luck for the coming season

cheers....who do you follow? If we don't replace nuge we may not be going to the premiership but man i hope we do:lol:

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