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#1 Re: Fun, Games and Art » My Tony T-shirt » 2010-09-01 20:30:52

yubaixin19 wrote:

Valuable information.

lol. now you're pushing it.

#2 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » New Keifer Sutherland movie 'Mirrors' out in October » 2010-09-01 20:29:24


watched Mirrors months ago. it's pretty spooky, but kiefer is good. worth watching if you can stomach it wink

#3 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Lost- season 5 » 2010-09-01 20:28:29


oh, LOST... seen all of it by now... loved every minute of it. can't say that this show has let me down even once... I can't say that for 24. I enjoyed the LOST finale although I believe I remember thinking that I would have expected a better explanation than [spoiler]oh, btw you're all dead[/spoiler]
. since that feels like we'd known it all along. it's been speculated anyhow. but still - loved it, thought it was beautifully written and even better acted. kudos to LOST. I miss it. again, I can't say that for 24. I'd grown out of it during this last season... pretty definitely.

#4 New in Town » "24" prop house and set auction!! » 2010-07-01 21:05:52

Replies: 2

i've been kinda following this for a couple of weeks, there are indeed some nice props, but since i don't do ebay, not for me. but heck - tony almeida's CTU windbreaker - now that^d be cool! wink

#5 Current 24 Debriefs » 24ukpodcast poll » 2010-05-09 21:43:51

Replies: 1

as always, fresh off TWITTER:

vote for your fave 24 characters. tony is just leading the way, at the moment.


have fun clickin'

#6 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » Episode 8x17 » 2010-04-14 20:02:51


oh don't get me wrong. when a character or an actor encites this much emotion, they're good. very good big_smile. itzin has always been so good in this character... and the scene you're referring to was great indeed. it's just... you know... it's because of him michelle and david have died and... then they pardoned him... it hurts. that's all.

chloe running things isn't unbelievable at all. you could even say it's been a long time coming big_smile.

#7 Current 24 Debriefs » Episode 8x17 » 2010-04-13 19:18:22

Replies: 4

unfortunately, renee's death was handled less than perfectly, imho. it didn't move me - and it should have, cause i loved her character. of course, the fact that i knew beforehand that an unfriendly sniper would catch her after she and jack had just got it on might have helped ruin the effect. but it really should have been more emotional, I dunno....

logan still makes me pissed off, and the fact that he was pardoned makes me sick. sad
poor michelle and david will be turning in their graves

putting chloe in charge of ctu was at least a little unexpected for lack of a better term... her social incompetence is legendary. but hey, she knows what she's doing. if jack had been there, he could have taken over, but we love him in the field on a personal revenge spree so i'll forgive the writers. now the question that is left is will chloe be doomed? cause we all know what happens to ctu directors.. they tend to... disappear. lol

#8 Current 24 Debriefs » A good Annie Wersching interview » 2010-04-12 21:30:13

Replies: 2

Unfortunately I don't have the time to summarize it right now, so I'll just drop the link atcha:

http://www.tvsquad.com/2010/04/12/annie … end-of-24/

the article talks about renee's character, her development, what lies in store for her and jack in tonight's episode (18, I guess), annie werschings near future and how she feels about her fans.


obviously, MILD spoilers for tonight's episode contained.

#9 Current 24 Debriefs » Episodes 8x15, 8x16 Discussion » 2010-04-11 21:39:24

Replies: 3

hey, welcome to the forum, nice to hear some fresh thoughts. our forum is based in the UK but the current debriefs section basically allows for discussion of all the eps that have aired in the US. those who haven't seen the eps won't read the thread until they've done so, if they care about spoilers. so feel free to share details of what you thought. I've seen those eps, and I did like them. they're not fresh enough in my mind though to discuss them right now.

#10 Current 24 Debriefs » Filming of 24 has come to an end » 2010-04-10 16:49:36

Replies: 1

Read more here:


Bye, 24.

#11 No Rules - Enter at your own risk! » SET PIX FROM THE FINALE » 2010-03-31 21:59:31

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needless to say, these images are highly spoilerific, especially the 2nd page. the first page does not say too much.

so think before you click!

you've been warned wink

man, where would we be without TWITTER these days? LOL


#12 No Rules - Enter at your own risk! » Another article about the end of the show » 2010-03-28 00:09:45

Replies: 3

surely you've all heard by now that the decision to cancel 24 has finally been made. and if you haven't, go to the main site and check out the last few articles dan and I posted in the last 24 hours, starting here:


here's yet another article that I've just come across. since it contains intel on specific points during the season and on the finale, i'm posting it in the spoiler section. proceed with caution.


a sweet part of it is kiefer's statement that

  “Jack Bauer became so much bigger than anything I ever envisioned,” Sutherland says. “At a certain point, he began showing me how to be a better man, a better person. This character became my life.”

thanks, kiefer. WWJBD? wink

#13 Current 24 Debriefs » It's official - NO Season 9 for 24. » 2010-03-27 00:10:40

Replies: 4

Twitter proves to be the most efficient way of breaking news on life and death of 24 these days.

Not so long ago (we're talking minutes, not hours), Jon Cassar, Rodney Charters and Mary-Lynn Rajskub commented that 24 will end its run after 8 years. I suppose there's still the possibility of a movie franchise, but there will be no 9th season - not on FOX and not on NBC.

This article on our front page cites the original posts on twitter:


This decision should come as no surprise to most of you. It certainly doesn't come as a surprise to me. This season has been less than satisfying, and I've been reading and hearing disappointed comments, to which I can only nod in agreement (and have done so in my article http://24fans.com/2010/03/running-out-of-steam-j_as-thoughts/ ).

It's time for 24 to go. Sad but true.

Sound off. What do you think?

#14 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » Episode 8x10 Discussion » 2010-03-20 23:37:02


hmm. which is sort of why i can't seem to find anything to write about. everything has already been there, one way or another. however, having seen up to ep 12 now, it starts picking up a little in the latest ep, but then I thought so a few eps ago, too and it didn't really pan out.

i'm seriously indifferent about this season. more so than ever.

it (yet again) goes to show that even great actors (or -at least- good actors) can really only do so much with a mediocre script. whereas renee and jack could carry the whole season just on their shoulders, the others can't. the subplots are irrelevant, I'm missing a vital tie-in, they got rid of a good actor ("vladimir") too soon - paralells david emerson really - and now they're stuck with ... a bad hair day middle-eastern president and a divorced american pres who lacks meaningful screen-time and whose role kind of feels like an extra pile of whipped cream slapped onto an already finished cake. whereas hers was a vital storyline in s7, and as such, her less meaningful scenes still had the right of existence, this year, alison taylor's character seems to have been written into the season just because the actress had signed the contract). she doesn't carry a plot or even subplot. she's a mere information source and lacks an emotional anchor in the season. for the first time in her hitherto short life on the 24 shelf, president taylor is really not necessarily necessary.

season 7 was such a fulminant return that we all thought they'd learned how to get back to the basics, how to find the emotional anchors that would make the story believable, we (well, some of us) were excited about almeida's return, not only out of selfishness (hey, almeidaists really did need to see tony again wink), but also cause we knew and thought the writers had understood that jack needed tony as anchor. that the chemistry between them was needed for the show to feel relevant.

this year, it seems, renee is supposed to be jack's emotional anchor, at least now that kim is gone to california (wasn't there a song by that name?), and there is really nothing negative to say about renee (in fact, so far, the MMS (most memorable scene) award so far goes to renee*) or jack or the chemistry between them but most other stuff this season is just leaving me cold.

this is a real pity, considering that this is pretty much going to be the last season. why couldn't it have ended on a high note? YES, they should have let s7 be the last. that is, since they insisted on carrying on post-season 3, which could just as well have been a good finish line.

but no, not FOX.

as always, they keep squeezing until the river runs dry.

well, it is dry. the steam has run out.

everything is a rehash, I don't remember being on the edge of my seat ONCE this season, the vast majority of the characters are leaving me indifferent, disinterested, and I can see through the plot before it happens.

and now there are talks about a possible 9th season... now, if that happens, PLEASE kick HoGo's butt out, and bring a fresh set of people to take care of the show. otherwise, who will care to watch?

I know I won't.

*renee at the dock, with vladimir holding the gun to her head. brilliant.


#15 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » Episode 8x06 discussion » 2010-02-11 18:16:44


yep, I couldn't agree more. it just feels like, "Oh, man, we have to do this all over again..."
sad but true. too sad that it's the final season. S7 REALLY should have been the last.
fox is once again doing what we'd known it would but hoped it wouldn't. squeezing a good show until it falls flat on its nose and just runs dry, just for the sake of $$$s.

I seriously didn't want to be talking about the show's last season like this. I was really hoping it'd end on a high note. And if S8 had never happened, that would have been the case. well...

#16 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » Episode 8x06 discussion » 2010-02-09 21:23:26


dan, i totally agree with your last two paragraphs. aside from renee & jack's story, which is really good and interesting, all of the other stuff just feels like fillers to me. stalling - like that hold-up in season 4 that jack staged at the gas station - cause "hey guys we gotta fill 24 hours of storyline"

to me, this season does prove that 24 has run out of time.

unfortunately, so have I this evening but I will try to come back and put down some more elaborate thoughts, maybe. I might have to read a plot summary somewhere before I can do so.

nighty night

#17 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » discussion of episodes 08x03-08x05 » 2010-02-06 19:21:59


i'm pretty sure things will start happening... as soon as tony comes into play! LOL

seriously, this smells of season 4. it's slow, it's a bit lame aside from renee's story, and she really is the savior of s8 so far. I keep waiting for tony to come and save the story, but no such thing this year, is there? right now, the show lives off renee and jack. i'm sure that someplace, sometime, somehow, something will happen that will move the - plot?, right, that's the word - ahead and into the right direction.

at the moment, subplots are self-serving and self-contained and partly unnecessary, they start and stop, and feel like "people, we gotta fill another 24 hours..." things are dragging...just like that holdup i like quoting... the one that jack pulled off in s4 to buy chloe more time... well... it's not that I'm not letting the show entertain me, but that's all it does. my investment is relatively minimal right now. i'm waiting for it to change.

#18 New in Town » Hello! New guy in town lol » 2010-02-04 10:56:43

Replies: 5

hey james, welcome to the forum smile.

#19 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » discussion of episodes 08x03-08x05 » 2010-01-31 22:48:55


thank you, Sir Steve. and I'm looking forward to your post as your insights are always very insightful big_smile. yes. I'm tired. lol.

#20 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » 8x01 Discussion - 4:00pm - 6:00pm » 2010-01-31 22:47:37

Steveb wrote:

The difference here is that the originality factor is no longer there and as such sloppiness can't be ignored.

indeed. if there's anything to be learned from s7 is that while you CAN go back to Season 1's quality of sorts, you can never achieve the originality it had back all those years ago. but really, I don't think they claim originality anymore. they're rehashing old storylines and just mixing up the elements anew. it can work as long as the characters are interesting, and carefully worked with. but the moment that fails, all the repetitiveness will come back to bite them in the arses. so they'd better tread carefully.

#21 Current 24 Debriefs » discussion of episodes 08x03-08x05 » 2010-01-31 16:23:36

Replies: 6

as it is, the forum, site, and me seem to be quite slow, and I am not downloading this season, so I am restricted to watching online, which means I cant run and rerun moments I'd like to see, so my memory of everything is sketchy at best.

for example - referring to dan and steve's posts in the 08-01 discussion thread - who is Buffy husband? and who does Starbuck refer to? I like the nicknames, but can't put cahracters names to them.

that being said, my main point about these eps has to be

Renee Walker.

that chick's insane - right? no, she's totally bauer. not only did we have the "I'm gonna need a hacksaw" moment there in ep 4 ("I'm not gonna cut the bracelet") but imho, the writers are putting renee into a place that jack has been to before, and making her the next tony of sorts.

let me explain.

renee between s7 and s8 is in a dark place, the kind of place jack was in between s1 and s2 (and come to think of it, it's also the place that tony's been to between s3 and s4). she'd "gone through a rough patch" and claims to have come out on the other side, but jack doesn't believe her.

so, now they're putting renee back undercover with some really bad people she used to be undercover with (hello jack in s2 AND s3) and hear hear, part of her cover story includes mexico (really no need to comment on that). apparently she'd been beaten by vladimir (btw, love that actor, knew him from californication) and she willingly agrees to go back - knowing very well that chances are that she won't make it out alive.

talk about a deathwish...

what she'll need in order to snap out of it is a purpose - just like a purpose, a mission, made jack overcome his deathwish in s2, and helping to save a friend and see things through with him made tony rediscover a purpose in life in s4 (of course, combined with reuniting with michelle). so my guess is that by the end of this season, assuming renee will make it through, she'll have found a reason to live - might that be jack?

at this point, though, bauer is no more than a babysitter - and not a very good one either. who DIDN'T know that car was a decoy? jack... really. I'd have thought he would have checked for the possibility of being screwed over... but oh well. maybe that's cause he'd been out of the field. he needs to resharpen his senses, especially his 6th sense.

renee, on the other hand, and her development, is running the show right now. at the very least, she's stealing bauer's show. the parallels continue. that she "cut off thumb!" in order to get rid of a bracelet like jack had done in s3 has already been mentioned - but I guess you really didn't expect that of a girl, didya? I dug that.

renee's changed, and as dark as the change is, it suits her. I actually like her better this way. i even prefer her current looks to the kempt and shirt-and-suit-dressed fbi agent.

if tony used to be the one that - with time - went through basically everything jack had gone through, now it seems to be renee's turn to go through the things jack (and by extension tony) had gone through.

this season will probably be relatively renee-centric, and we'll see her dealing with similar questions and situations that jack had had to deal with in the past. there should be interesting moments, and you know, wasn't it kind of ironic that ajack accused her of being unstable after she'd cut off the thumb when - as renee rightly said - he would have done the same thing? renee will probably get to use that same phrase often enough to justify her actions in the field, while jack might continue to feel the need to protect her from becoming like him.

one more word about jack before I go and do stuff I should be doing. we've seen him resist getting sucked back into the world of CTU for longer than he usually has, and like someone suggested, it might be a recurring theme this season, with him trying to take every chance he has to get out. but I liked it that his reason for actually allowing CTU to get him back was renee. that it was his human component, his worry for renee and wanting to protect her, that made him stay, and not just some monumental task of saving the world (yeah, the nukes are getting REALLY old. how often will terrorists manage to smuggle nuclear weapons into the USofA??)  jack's motivations are human and emotional, and I guess that's also why I still care.

I like the pacing of the eps, the slow development, and think they have pretty much learned from s7. the side- and subplots are interesting enough, and the characters' 3-dimensionality is acceptable.

there are lots of things to complain about however. first of all, who does background checks at CTU's HR office? how does an ex-con get on the CTU payroll? how does hastings get the post of CTU director without having investigative blood in him? and who designed CTU as a diner? seriously, the first time I saw pics of the new CTU it reminded me of a family diner... like Dennis or something. but for now I'm willing to suspend my criticism, because of renee and because of jack.

and because, frankly, once 24 is over with, I will miss it.

#22 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » 8x01 Discussion - 4:00pm - 6:00pm » 2010-01-23 14:37:34


well, i've seen eps 1 / 2 and I'm going to watch 3 / 4 tonight. i won't give ya any spoilers, I'll just say the 24 formula is firmly built-in, and I haven't exactly been pulled into it (yet?) after 2 eps. there's lots of nice things and the pacing is good, but since i'm not sure what I expected, I don't exactly feel my thoughts are quite ready to be posted yet (also, because when I watched them last night, I was too tired to think).

#25 No Rules - Enter at your own risk! » Carlos answers the Season 8 question » 2009-11-21 17:57:26

Replies: 1

I guess he got tired of hearing "Will you or won't you be part of 24's Season 8?", so he decided to finally answer it.

This was posted on Carlos Bernard's homepage (http://www.carlosbernard.com/CBSite/News/News.html) a day or two ago:

I’m asked this question on a daily basis, so I might as well answer it. I’ll never say never when it comes to 24.  It’s been such a special part of my life and an honor working with all of the incredibly talented people that have helped make the show the success that it’s been.  That being said, I have not been contacted by the studio or producers of 24 about season 8.  They’re already well into filming next season and I’m about to start work on a film in South Carolina.  So, at this point, I highly doubt that I’ll be involved in the next season of 24.

but with these eyes, how could they not! CB_T%26J_shoot.png lol.

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