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#2 Re: Off Topic » happy birthday, dan! » 2009-02-23 15:59:32

Belated birthday wishes old boy smile

#4 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » 7x07 Discussion / 2:00pm - 3:00pm » 2009-02-10 14:05:58

Totally agree with ya JA.

Jack has no right to tell Tony to turn himself in.
I mean if nothing else Tony is an adult, he can do what he wants.
And yeah, jack has no leg to stand on being on the run himself.

What annoyed me abit is how this is Bill/Tony/Chloe's operation and Bill was giving the orders, then Jack comes along, becomes part of the team and starts giving the orders and they all listen.

#5 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Lost- season 5 » 2009-02-09 12:27:45

Great to have Lost back on our screens, its been too long (Hell a week is too long without lost)

4th episode last night and it was a cracker, like the others have been.

yes its insane and crazy but at the same time that's what makes it so enjoyable and as said Steve, we're getting some answers which is kinda cool.

I partic liked the moment a few weeks back when we saw a young Charles Whitmore

#7 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » 7x05 Discussion / 12:00pm - 1:00pm » 2009-01-27 12:17:44

Some very valid points JA.

I think we must remember here that i'm still alittle bitter about how i left 24 all those years ago and so getting me back on board is a big step, now re-kindling my love with the show is the next big step.
I'm going to pick at bits for a while until i'm back in the 24 zone, but i do see me getting there, i can certainly see the "24 light" at the end of the tunnel, which i never thought i would again.

Although that being said, i cant me liking Janis because i dont like the women as an actress let alone the character.
Also the head guy, i'll struggle to like him for the same reason.
Sean has potential and i do like him as an actor, same goes for rennie i guess.

The idea of Tony as a bad guy did appeal to me coz if i had Dessler and then she was taken away i'd go all evil moz wink

#8 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Okay one more new topic by me » 2009-01-27 12:11:57

Thats the one yeah.
I really enjoyed it. it's had its fair share of panning but overall i liked it.
The story was pretty good, although alittle weak in places, but he was great (I'm a big fan) and i fell in love with the character played so wonderfully by Rosario Dawson.

#9 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » My Bloody Valentine » 2009-01-27 12:10:16

Thanks JA, i feel team leadery at times wink

P.SIs leadery even a word?! If not i claim it as my own smile

#10 TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Okay one more new topic by me » 2009-01-23 13:00:34

Replies: 5


Anyone seen Seven Pounds, another film i saw the other day

#11 TV (except 24), Movies and Music » My Bloody Valentine » 2009-01-23 12:59:29

Replies: 3

Hi everyone,

I'M BACK!!!!
Sorry i'd forgot my password and then couldnt find the link to the site, then was being lazy then then then then then

Anywho, has anyone seen it?
I did last night, be interested to hear what people thought.

#12 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » 7x05 Discussion / 12:00pm - 1:00pm » 2009-01-23 12:58:11

An enjoyable episode, although made me sad that we were given a taste of Bill and Chloe back then they didnt appear in ep 5 sad

The story is slowly gainging some momentum to it although it still has it's slack points.

I'd like to see the presidents husband die, not to sound harsh, but he does annoy me and i think it would help that story progress alittle more if he perished but perhaps the girlfriend escapes.
I guess the problem then would be who would pursue the issue, the president wont.

I wanna see Jon Voight again coz he'll be an AWESOME baddie, as well as Tony Todd, what a great choice for General Juma, let's hope he appears more.

On a slightly older note i'm alittle disappointed the Almeida being undercover story was revealed so early, it seem's as if the writers couldnt wait to tell us all he is good dont worry, like a kid with a secret, itching to tell everyone.
I fear for Tony now where as if he was kept as a "Terrorist" for a few more episodes then revealed as undercover his future may be brighter.

I dont like the FBI at all, none of them, i know it takes a while for new characters to "Earn" their stripes in 24 but this group are just awful. Partic the head guy and Jeanine Garofolo, they are both HIDEOUS actors and it's a shame 24 employed them.
I think the mole will be either of these two as well, probably Garofolo.

#13 Re: Current 24 Debriefs » I think Michelle deserves a topic...so here it is!!!! For Michelle!!!! » 2009-01-23 12:50:20

I love Dessler, man i miss that woman sad

I hear she is in the new series of Lost though, yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

#14 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Lost - Season Four » 2008-03-18 08:57:28

A good episode.
I thought the flash forward/flash back was clever and did hoodwink people quite well.
I think people are beginning to expect too much from lost because they have done so well in the past, this was something different, this was done well and this would have confused but then made sense to people.

Surprise Surprise though, Kate is a chuffing &*%$ AGAIN!!!! man i hate her.

The Michael thing was okay, although one thing i think they have done terrible, and 24 did it too, is having the actors name at the beginning of every episode of this season so you knew he was coming back, imagine if nobody knew he was coming back and then it was revealed! That would have been crazy!

As for Jin, who knows what happened to him, but the point of the flashforwards is that we now how they are now and we know how they are in the future but what happens in between??
The date of death on his gravestone was the date the plane crashed...................so.................if that's the case he either died on the island or is still on the island, in which case we only know 5 of the Oceanic 6?!

#16 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Lost - Season Four » 2008-03-11 16:10:02

Ep 6 was good although agreed the "Filler feel" was there in parts.
Wasnt too bothered by Juliets backstory, seemed alittle stupid, although ben saying "Coz you're mine" was eerie! The mans insane!!

I hate Kate even more, if thats possible, she yet again got knocked down, yet again stupidly and yet again had no reason to be there, i just wish she'd seen Jack kiss Juliet!

I did like Jack's response to Juliets warning about Ben though, he is cool.

To answer other questions, i think we will see Ben's man on the boat in the next episode, why? because it's the last episode before the break and will leave viewers talking about it. Also i think we'll see him before Ben mentions it.

And as for the Whitmore/Ben thing. I think Whitmore will end up being badder than Ben, he just has that edge about him and he certainly was hands on in beating that bloke down int he video footage we saw! Mean!

#17 Re: Computers, Video Games etc. » Who's buying Grand Theft Auto IV? » 2008-03-10 12:06:59

REALLY want it as have loved all the others but it's out just as im about to go travelling so all my money will be saved for that!

#18 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Lost - Season Four » 2008-03-04 12:05:03

we still dont know much about this artic research station she had at the end of season 2!!!

Her dad has a big role in something as well, i wonder if he's behind the freighter and thats why they were told not to answer calls from Penny

#19 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Lost - Season Four » 2008-03-03 12:07:49

Wow, im tempted to say that is one of the best lost episodes to date, out of all the seasons not just this one.
Fantastically done i thought, Desmond was great and Sayid did his cool bit as always.
Very powerful stuff i thought.
Amazing, wow, yeah :-)

#20 Re: New in Town » Introduce Yourself » 2008-03-03 12:02:25

hi sroth

welcome to the board.
Most of us that are posting at the moment are from England, apart from the wonderful JA who is in Switzerland.
Where is America are you from?

#21 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » What are your favourite television shows? » 2008-02-28 15:03:28

I think he had to admit it, otherwise people would think that he approved of the show and thus lose confidence in him.
The romance was dros, why bother with it, not one part of any of it was any good.
Partic Clares bloke.

#22 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Lost - Season Four » 2008-02-28 15:01:59

It's just she is annoying, she always get caught, she always has to go everywhere, she always uses jack and sawyer and then get jealous of juliet or whoever.
Shes just irratating now, which is annoying as she never used to be.

I thought the whole Sayid episode was cool, he was a badass in it, which is always good tv and it's nice to know he gets off the island.
I think they could of done the whole "Ben" thing at the end better though, like he didnt talk, Sayid was talking to someone but we dont see who until the very very end and then thats it, bang, end of episode.
rather than him talking, we all immediatly said "Thats ben" kinda ruined it alittle.

You do have a point ref the new characters serving their purpose and then being gone.
I think that Dan guy might last though as he seems like he's onto something with the whole 30min delay from the ship to the island.

#23 Re: TV (except 24), Movies and Music » Lost - Season Four » 2008-02-27 12:15:28

Okay 1st off.
LOST ROCKS, just had to say that.

Series 4 has been amazing at the moment, although i agree with Steve, Eggtown was the weakest yet, i really dont like Kate and dont care about her character and basically she is really annoying me, the less of her we see the better.
Sayid, of course is always rocking, the man is a legend and his flashforward was AMAZING!!!

The new people seem kinda interesting as well, which is cool. Better than Nicki and Paulo anyway, which aint hard

#24 Re: Off Topic » Think of ways to boost activity on these forums » 2008-02-27 12:11:53

I'm going to America on 28th May for 90 days.
cant wait.
Spending a week in the Bahamas too.

Anyone heard from Nero or Aaron?

#25 Re: Off Topic » Anyone In England/Wales Feel The Quake Last Night? » 2008-02-27 12:07:31

Nope didnt feel anything, although heard about it.
I was asleep and not much would wake me, even 5.7 on the richter scale

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